President's Welcome

Andrey Vashchenko
of VIB,
Doctor of Economics

Volgograd Institute of Business is a modern and dynamic educational institution. Our Institute was established in 1939 as Commercial College of Consumer Cooperation. In 2003 we launched higher education programs and currently we educate more than 9000 students in the sphere of Business Administration, Economics, Law, and Computer Science for public and private sectors. Today our Institute is also the largest educational institution in the Volgograd region.

Our major difference from other schools is that we strive to teach our students primarily hands- on skills that are required on the job market. Moreover, we understand that in a drastically changing world of today, a successful professional should have a global view of how business is done in other countries, should be innovative and aspiring, should be able to work in multi-cultural environment.

With this goal in mind, we are committed to foster a mutually beneficial cooperation with business schools of Europe, Asia and Northern America. We would welcome exchange of students in above-mentioned areas. We would be happy to send and to host students for short or longer term trainings, internships or research purposes.

We also welcome exchange of ideas, training techniques and scientific research. That might encompass exchange of professors, publications, cooperation on a joint project. We are open to your suggestions.

Please browse our Website and discover the endless possibilities we offer our students and incredible opportunities of cooperation we extend to our prospect partners. Learn about our mission and priorities, scientific and academic activity, our bright students and dedicated faculty.