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AIESEC – is the largest international youth organization that provides students and young professionals with opportunity to bring out and develop their potential and to make a positive impact on the society. Every year we implement around 4000 international internships, conduct 350 conferences and provide more than 5000 leadership positions.

AIESEC is represented in more than 1100 universities in 107 countries. In Russia AIESEC has been functioning since 1989 and has representatives in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Saratov, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Rostov-on –Don etc.
Finally in 2009, a local committee of AIESEC was open in Volgograd!

We are happy to invite those who are willing to get a leadership experience, to have internship in another country and take part in an international education program!


aisec1.jpgOur major advantage of work in AIESEC is:
• Personal and professional development;
• global networking;
• international experience;
• society impact.

We are happy to meet you in the world-largest youth organization AIESEC!

If you want... bring out and develop your potential, communicate with top managers of the largest companies, create a global network, manage right now an organization of city or international level, get a various work experience from marketing to project management, invent and start up your own project, have a professional internship in a company in any of 100 countries in the world,

then AIESEC is for you!
More than 1 million people in the world have an AIESEC experience. Now they are successful people bringing change to the world.

Business School CESTE (Spain)
Educational Program

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONCESTE invites students of VIB to a Bachelor’s Degree educational program in the are of Business Administration


Program Concentrations: 

- International Marketing
- International Management

Length of study: 3 years on a joint degree program по совместной программе: 4 года.
Document issued: Bachelor’s Degree Diploma in the area of Business Administration conferred by CESTE.
Language of study: English and Russian

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
The Degree in Business Administration prepares you in all areas of business administration with the aim of training you so that you can access posts of responsibility by contributing with your practical knowledge and being able to effectively improve company competitiveness.
These studies are aimed at training tactical executives who must take decisions and solve problems in organisations by controlling finance, setting up companies, administering them, planning sales, advising on the Stock Exchange, etc., always with well-formed criteria that guarantees success.

Is essentially based on practical knowledge so that our students can develop their own procedures and work styles.
Is an authentic personal experience since it supports students' process to adulthood.
Provides personalised attention (small work teams).
Makes use of the most modern technology
Differentiates between teaching methodology and learning methodology.

Real Company Experience
These internships introduce students into the working world, give them the chance to implement the techniques that have acquired and encourage learners to keep on improving.
As these are considered a major element in students' professional training, they must undertake a minimum of 500 hours, which may start in the summer of 1st year.
Depending on students' preferences, the internship program establishes specific routes to contribute to students' specialization and guarantee the maximum use of active learning.

CESTE`s History
CESTE was founded in1987, and it is the first International Business School to be established in the Autonomous Community of Aragon. It was founded with the clear vocation of offering services to the business world.
Its mission is to train, consult and guide present and future leaders of organizations and companies by cooperating in the improvement of company management, not only at a managerial level, but also at an operative and tactical level.