• The development of the system of continuous multilevel business education in towns and districts of the region
  • Analysis of methodological and organizational facets of providing private and property security for citizens, human rights and constructing human society
  • Strategic development and management of human resources at the regional and municipal levels


Bulletin of the Volgograd institute of business is an academic journal for business scholars and practitioners, established in 2006.
The Journal is recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.
The journal is included into the Russian Scientific Citation Index. It is published 3 times a year.

The journal covers problems of replacement, formation and development of human resources; economic strategy of a sustainable development of the Russian Federation and its regions, social problems, culture, public health services, infrastructure development; population and demography questions.

The magazine is addressed to the leaders of the Russian regions, economists, managers, businessmen, teachers of high schools and post-graduate students.