Students Life

Hi, student!

p7_0.jpg«From midterm to midterm-students’ fun returns!» – is a students’ saying. You can determine beforehand if years of student life are bright and memorable.

While choosing our Institute you definitely pay attention to organization of free time for students!

Some people dream to enroll into famous university with a long history. Some other review faculty staff and elective courses list.
The high quality of education is undoubtedly a decisive factor in your choice. Still besides studying there might be a lot of interesting things - Club of Lightheaded and Quick-Witted, sports sections, theater and dance studios.

Why is that needed?

  • Extra-curricula activity can bring a good practical experience.
  • Switching from studies to something else will encourage your working capacity.
  • Combining studies and sports sections, interest clubs will help you plan your time and open a new horizon for you. In the near future while working you won’t need additional trainings for time management.
  • Participating in extra-curricula activity you will gain vital communication skills and will highlight your personality.
  • A serious hobby can turn into a life-time business. Many famous showmen, musicians get started their careers in students’ activities. Probably this might work for you as well and determine your future destiny!
  • It’s especially important for students from other cities. Where your friends and family are far away, students’ interest clubs –are the best way to fulfill thirst for communication!

Our graduate is a successful professional and successful person!


  • Vocal Studio “Hope” 
  • Model agency "Elisei" 
  • Vocal and Instrumental Studio "Rondo" 
  • School for Club of Lightheaded and Quick-Witted 
  • Theater-studio "Showbiz" 
  • Ball dance studio “Movement” 
  • Stage dance studio"Blaze Dance" 
  • Dance studio"Jump”